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Department of Police of the city of Esutoru (Karafuto)
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The Japanese icon, found on Sakhalin in 2016, the city of Poronaisk. During the birth of the governor of Karafuto, the city was called Sisuka, it was the largest city, closest to the 50th parallel. In Sisuke there are many restaurants, the rest of the Bridge is probably he was lost by one of the policemen from the city of Esutoru, who visited the city of Sisuke in the distant 1930-40s of the last century.

The brass material is enameled, on the reverse side there was a pin on which the sign was attached to the clothing (form), unfortunately, it was destroyed due to a prolonged stay in the ground.
The dimensions are 30-35 mm.

Text translation:
Esutoru Kiasatsuo "Department of Police of the city of Esutoru" (now Uglegorsk)
Sisey hoc service sincerity: to: "faithful service"
("Sincerity", "fidelity" matters and ho: ko: "service", "public debt")
The inscriptions are made in the old style of the hieroglyphic letter "raisyo" ("office style"). Style was borrowed from China.

Police station in the city of Esutoru, Yamasigay district

Here in this police station the faithful same policeman who somehow lost this valuable award for the past time of Karafuto served.

Now only one instance of the sign is known, which is presented in this article.

A.S Belyakov, AM Sokolov
Source IL.1 AS Belyakov. 南 サ ハ リ リ ン ス
IL.2 "walk on the Esutoru" Alexei Kolesnikov.

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