The Past of Karafuto


Sengaku-ji Temple 泉岳寺" A find from the past of 樺太"恵須取郡"名好町.

A.S. Belyakov.
Sengaku-ji Temple

A find from the past of Karafuto 樺太"恵須取郡"名好町.

№2 1934 map. Photo from the library of the author.

Photo from the library of the author. Karafuto 1930-40. The rule of the Japanese Empire

№4 Photo by the author in 2017.


"Sakezuka" found in Nasy. In memory of the visit to the temple in 1930-1940

Photo by the author in 2017

In memory of the temple in 1930-1940 "Sengaku-ji" is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo Tokyo. In memory of the visit to the temple in 1930-1940

The temple reports its cemetery, where "47 Samurai", also known as Akoroshi, is buried, a samurai from Ako.

December 14 - Anniversary of the Memory of 47 Samurai from Ako
History Forty-seven faithful samurai for this day remains of the most popular in Japan. A lot of people visit the temple, so that during the burning incense sticks honor their memory and pay homage. Also in Sengakuji there is a small museum dedicated to 47 samurai.

Sakezuka has the symbol Tomoe 巴. a pattern in the form of a twist to the center of the curve, a kind of comma-like, curved drop or magatam. It is often used in Japanese family coats of arms (kamonahs). Tomoe is similar to the Chinese symbol of yin and yang, and also to the Celtic triskelion. It is also one of the symbols in Shintoism and Buddhism.
Types of Tomoe

Depending on the direction in which the curve is twisted, distinguish
Moments of a house [1] (yap. 右 巴) - to the right
hidari domoe (yap. 左 巴) - to the left

Depending on the number of curves,
chitotsu domoe (yap. 一 つ 巴) - one curve
futatsu domoe (yap. 二 つ 巴) - two curves
mitsu domoe (yap. 三 つ 巴) - three curves

In Japanese culture, tomo has many meanings and interpretations, depending on which religion (Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism) or school (Zen, Sendai, Kagon) is used.
This triple symbol is a universal Buddhist philosophical monad used to explain certain phenomena and, consequently, the generation of many interpretations in each specific case.
Mona Tomoe arrived in Japan from China as a symbol of the metaphysical principle of philosophy - the connection between Heaven and Earth is the Person who together with these two principles creates the unity of the three forces of the Universe, that is, world harmony.


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